Alan McGee speaks out on the chances of an Oasis reunion

Alan McGee has spoken out about the chances of Oasis reuniting .

McGee told NME. “I don’t think Noel will ever reform Oasis, ever – but when he’s a bit older I think Liam will probably reform Oasis and he’ll sell 10,000 tickets a night singing Oasis tunes and he’ll be happy with that.


I can’t see Noel Gallagher going back and doing it. If anything came out of that film [Supersonic], it was that it’s done, it’s finished, don’t spoil the fucking legend. I love Noel and have never had a bad word with him. Liam, I love to this day – he’s got more attitude than Billy Bremner – he was a Scottish footballer who’d fight with anybody. I love these guys and this was a part of my life for six or seven years and it was fantastic.”


Source: NME