“It’s a yes from me”: Liam Gallagher mocks Noel for ‘X Factor’ performance

“I wanna congratulate rkid”. 

Liam Gallagher has mocked brother Noel after the High Flying Birds star appeared on the Italian version of The X Factor.

Noel, who released latest album Who Built The Moon? last week, appeared on the singing show last night to perform recent single ‘Holy Mountain’ and Oasis classic ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger.’

But it wasn’t long before the performance attracted the attention of Liam, who congratulated Noel on the performance with his tongue lodged firmly in his cheek.

“I wanna congratulate rkid on his performance on X factor tnight it’s a yes from me as you were LG”, he wrote.

In a follow up-tweet, he accused Noel of embarassing himself by opting to appear on the show and referred to guitar icon Paul Weller as ‘Wellard’.

“Not a fucking peep from the uk press bout the creepy 1 embarrassing himself on X factor wonder what is mate WELLARD thinks bout it LG x”, he wrote.

Source: NME