‘Sounds like Adele shouting into a bucket’ – Noel Gallagher slams Liam’s solo work and his ‘army of songwriters’

Noel Gallagher has hit out at Liam‘s new solo material for ‘sounding like Adele singing into a bucket’, as well as calling out his ‘army of songwriters’. 


While six of the tracks on Liam Gallagher’s debut solo album ‘As You Were‘ were written solely by himself, the record also features songwriting credits from Adele producer Greg Kurstin, along with Andrew Wyatt, Andrew Sidney Fox, Michael Tighe and Iain Archer. Having previously declared that he wouldn’t be listening to the record as he’s ‘not a fan’ (as well as comparing Liam to a ‘common pigeon‘), now Noel has spoken out on the material that he has heard – and given a damning verdict in his former Oasis bandmate’s list of collaborators.

“I’ve heard ‘Wall of Glass’ and the one that sounds like Adele shouting into a bucket,” Noel told i-D. “But I’m not a fan so I wouldn’t listen to it.

“I’m not sure I can be arsed formulating an opinion on a record that’s written by an army of songwriters. Isn’t the one from One Direction doing that? The little Irish fella with the acoustic? At least he has the decency to play a guitar. I’m not a fan. I have nothing to say about it.”


Denying that he felt any ‘brotherly support’ for Liam any more, Noel did thank him for ‘promoting’ his record by frequently slamming him on Twitter.

“I think at the beginning, from this side of the fence, there was a lot of good will as in, yeah, man, ‘I fucking hope it works, it’s about fucking time’,” he continued. “But that’s all gone now because it got personal. So it’s like, ‘fuck what he does. As long as he keeps promoting my record, there’s a good boy’.”

Source NME