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Oasis will reunite ‘within next two years’ says founder Alan McGee

Their break-up is one of the infamous in history but according to the man who signed Oasis, ‘there is a very strong chance they will get back together within the next two years.’ Read more →

Liam Gallagher: “If people want the band to get back together they’ll have to ask our kid. It’s down to our kid”

While Supersonic Documentary is having a massive success all around the world, Oasis’ more glorious days have never seemed so far away in time. Read more →

Alan McGee about Oasis at Maine Road: “They were untouchable. The best British band in the world at that point”

Twenty years ago today Oasis were helding in Maine Road, Manchester, what is considered one of the best british gig ever. Read more →

The Oasis Documentary: 10 crucial moments it’d be mad to miss out

Few days ago the news of an Oasis documentary in 2016 excited madferits all over the world. In fact, the team behind Amy Winehouse film is said to have been given “unprecedented” access to the band and unseen archive footage. Let’s look at 10 unforgettable moments from Oasis history it would be mad to miss. Read more →

Noel Gallagher about his wife: “She’s everything to me, she is my soulmate.”

On today’s edition of ‘Desert Island Discs’ on BBC Radio 4, Noel Gallagher discussed several issues (among which the relationship with his brother Liam and their childhood). Read more →