​Liam Gallagher: “Dance music can fuck right off”

​Liam Gallagher: “Dance music can fuck right off”

At this point the general public clearly knows what the former Oasis frontman , but Liam Gallagher continues to , this time being as blatant as ever. 

In a recent interview with , the outspoken musician was asked if he was ever contacted by any dance music producers to collaborate. (You know, because he’s brilliant and all that.) Liam had previously collaborated with The Prodigy years ago, but now, he clearly wants nothing to do with dance music.

“There might have a been a few people, but I wouldn’t do that again anyway. Guitar music, man, needs a fucking kick up the ass. I’m not a big dance music fan, I did it with The Prodigy ’cause I know Liam Howlett. He was my brother-in-law for a bit and they’re alright, and I did it with Death in Vegas ’cause I like the tune, and that one had a lot guitars on it. But dance music can fuck right f as far as I’m concerned. Whatever rock and roll is, that’s me, man.”

Apparently Liam really likes guitars. Who would have thought? He’s just so rock and roll, man. That’s like, his thing.

Anyway, Liam’s been extremely vocal about his disdain for dance music in recent months. He’s previously said bands that make dance music “should be the shit they put out” and he called Calvin Harris “the most fucking person”. That latter might be true, but who really cares. Not Liam, because he’s clearly “not arsed about fuckin’ dance music”.

Source: WhatsPoppinMusic