Noel Gallagher about Alex Turner “I didn’t offend his persona. But his interviews are lucklustre.”

Do you remember the epic statement of Noel Gallagher about listening to Alex Turner’s interviews? (If you don’t, read here).

Talking to the NME Noel Gallagher repeated he finds boring the interviews of Arctic Monkeys’ frontman, but that nobody should by offended since he never makes things personal.
“What is there to be offended about?, Gallagher said. “I never say anything about their persona. I don’t diss anybody’s character. Alex Turner wouldn’t be offended by that, why should he be? I guess he could be by the headlines, because they’re like ‘Noel Calls Queen A Cunt’, but I was just talking about rock star interviews in general. Alex is a fucking top dude in a fucking top band, and a very attractive man. His interviews, on the other hand, are lacklustre.”


“It’s even worse for solo artists,” he argued. “But if someone says fucking ‘Noel Gallagher’s shit’, they’re not saying I’m shit, they’re saying my music’s shit. And you can’t be a fan of everybody’s music, can you? I stand by everything I’ve ever said. Apart from Damon [in 1995, Noel said he hoped the Blur singer and bandmate Alex James would ‘catch Aids and die’]. I’d have found that offensive.”
“I find it odd when bands say ‘it’s such an honour to be a bunch of cunts’. I read something in a magazine where a guy from Bastille said that it was such a fantastic honour that I’d said in an interview that in the ’90s I would’ve taken him out after one interview. I just thought, ‘You fucking dick’.”

Source: NME