Noel Gallagher about his children: “Every time I pick up a guitar, they tell me to put it down.”

Noel Gallagher spoke to and he talked about his teenager daughter Anais and his two children.


Your kids are starting to grow up – how does it feel to be the father of a teenager?

Anais is smashing it. She’s actually living with me at the minute. She takes up too much room on the couch, she spends all day on her fucking phone, and all night on it when she’s not at school. She eats us out of house and home. She does laugh at all my jokes, though. But she’s great, yeah, she’s cool as fuck. She’s loving life, working for the BBC and doing her modelling thing and all that. What can I say? More power to her.

Are any of them showing any musical inclinations?

Not really, not really. I can’t see that fucking lightning striking twice in the same family. Cannot see it. You think about great musicians, their offsprings never really do it, do they? I’ve got instruments lying around the house, so if the boys ever want to pick up, they will. Every time I pick up a guitar, they tell me to put it down. I don’t know what kind of review that is. (laughs) In the car, taking them to school, they’ll say ‘Dad, got any new songs?’, I’ll play ’em one, get to the end and say ‘Eh? Good that, innit? Wanna hear it again?’ and they’ll go ‘No.’ (laughs) It goes as far as that.