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Review: Liam Gallagher’s Melbourne gig proved he’s still a first-rate fookin’ rockstar

On the eve of Melbourne’s hottest day in years, he swaggers on stage in a dark parka and trousers, immediately launching into a 90-minute set with a fire and ferocity that no dude in their mid-40s really has any business wielding. After all these years, and a couple of failed bands and marriages to boot, it’s remarkable to see that… Read more →

Noel Gallagher to a fan: “Why don’t you make the fucking bubbles disappear?”

On Tuesday 29th of March, during his exhibition at Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena, Noel Gallagher stopped his gig for being distracted by a fan blowing bubbles. According to News.com.au., the former Oasis stopped playing and said “Hey El Houdini, someone actually bought a f***ing bubble machine to a gig”. He continued: “You’re a magician? Why don’t you make the f***ing… Read more →