Liam Gallagher is down for an Oasis reunion: ‘Without a doubt… That’s my band’

Nearly eight years after Oasis abruptly disbanded in 2009, Liam Gallagher is now saying he’s open to getting the group back together.

Mo Farah mistook Noel Gallagher for brother Liam at a U2 gig, and Liam responded brilliantly

Sir Mo Farah has seemingly mistaken Noel Gallagher for brother Liam after meeting him at a U2 concert, and Liam has responded with a witty comeback. 

Dave Grohl says his favourite Glastonbury moment was hanging out with Liam Gallagher

Dave Grohl has revealed that his “favourite moment” from this year’s Glastonbury festival was an encounter backstage with Liam Gallagher.