Noel Gallagher about Oasis reunion: “Liam’s being a bit disingenuous to the fans” and points the finger at Debbie Gwyther

Following the rumors about an Oasis reunion next year after a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ between the Gallaghers, Noel stated again it won’t happen in an interview with ‘Rolling Stone’:

Frances Bean Cobain: “I prefer Oasis to Nirvana.”

With the documentary “Kurt Cobain:Montage of Heck” about to be released, some of those people closest to Nirvana talked about the influences of the frontman of the band on their lives.

Noel Gallagher says he won’t play “obscure Oasis b-sides” in his tour

Noel Gallagher talked to XFM about playing less Oasis songs in his live shows, saying that “there’s no point trying to be clever about this”. He then promised he is going play the big tunes instead of “obscure Oasis b-sides” that his newer fans won’t recognize. “I’ve done enough gigs to …