10 Times Liam Gallagher was totally Godlike

10 Times Liam Gallagher was totally Godlike

Liam Gallagher is a solo artist, former Oasis frontman, king of Twitter, and fucking Rock ‘n Roll star. As of now, he’s also NME’s Godlike Genius 2018.

To mark the accolade, Liam Gallagher will be headlining the VO5 NME Awards show on February 14 2018.

Now we’ve explained all of that, let us celebrate all things LG by taking a look at his most Godlike moments. Let us know your favourites in the comments below.

1. When he recorded ‘Champagne Supernova’ in one perfect take

In an exclusive clip from the 2016 Oasis documentary, Supersonic, LG records the vocals for ‘Champagne Supernova’ in one flawless take. It’s the same spine-tingling version you hear on the record, but it’s in this totally isolated recording booth that you really see Gallagher’s effortless talent.

2. When he couldn’t accept a Brit Award without ripping into Blur

The year was 1996, and Chris Evans was presenting the Brits. Oasis won the award for Best Music Video for ‘Wonderwall’, and the boys were more than happy to jump onstage and accept the accolade. But not before they’d had a go at their arch-rivals, Blur.

“I’d like to thank all the fans, all the people who make us what we are,” said Liam, before launching into song.

“All the people, so many people/And they all walk hand in hand, hand in hand through their shite life.”

3. When Oasis headlined Glastonbury 1995 and Liam performed his best ever ‘Slide Away’ with a tambourine around his neck

4. When he dealt with a break-up by getting wasted and ranting onstage at Wembley Stadium

Everyone loves getting wasted after a breakup, even Godlike Geniuses. As he told NME’s Tom Howard back in August, “going to do a gig after you’ve just got divorced [from Patsy Kensit]; no matter what, even if you work at Pret A Manger, you’d still kick off wouldn’t you. You’d be like that, ‘Here’s your chicken salad, you cunt.’”

Weirdly though, the ranting is remarkably defiant. “I ain’t no dickhead, man. I’m a rockstar,” he declares. As you were, Patsy.

5. When he went back home to play the One Love Manchester concert and united the nation in solidarity

Liam Gallagher really loves ripping into Chris Martin. In 2006 he said he looked like a “geography teacher”. In 2016, he compared him to a vicar and said he looked like he was starring in The Tweenies. But he buried the hatchet when it mattered. After the devastating terrorist attack on an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in May, Gallagher headed back home to play ‘Live Forever’ with Coldplay. Two less alike rockstars are hard to imagine, but together they united the nation in solidarity and hope.

6. When he criticized Gordon Ramsay’s cooking (and haircut)

Liam Gallagher takes no prisoners, especially when they criticise his Ramones/Dougal from The Magic Roundabout bowl haircut. Celebrity chefs are no exception.

“[Ex-wife] Nicole says she cut it with a frying pan,” Gordon Ramsay quipped to Gallagher when he appeared on Ramsay’s television show, The F Word.

“Fuck off. Look at yours! You look like you’ve been electrocuted, ya fucker,” Liam replied.

Liam also made clear he was unimpressed with Ramsay’s cooking skills.

“Your fucking sweet potato’s bobbins man, because my missus does better than that,” he said of the plate.

Other choice quotes from the fiery interview include Liam saying that, if Noel were to join him in the kitchen, “I reckon his head would be firmly pressed against one of them hot things.” Please remove all sharp objects from the 2049 Oasis reunion.

7. When he perfectly summed up the issues with the modern music industry by making an angry cup of tea

It started when he was making a cup of tea backstage. What ensued was one of the best descriptions of music industry injustice ever recorded:

“Now, in the ‘90s, I got someone else to fucking do it. But now money’s too tight to mention, gotta do it yourself entcha? No one buys records these days. In the ‘90s I had about four people doing it. Little geezer doing the kettle, RKid, some other little fucker doing that, and some other fucking idiot doing that.”

“They wonder why there’s no real rockstars around, and it’s because this is the shit they’ve got us doing,” he continued. “Fuckers.”

8. When he schooled everyone on how to do Twitter, repeatedly.

Whether making totally non-threatening demands that his parkas are returned, or simply announcing: “PUB”, Liam’s Twitter skills put even the most skilled social media gurus to shame. Signing each one off with a simple “As you were LG x”, Twitter captures those rare moments of affection from the Godlike Genius. Of course, it’s also where he most rips into brother Noel, famously the place of origin for his “potato” attack.

9. When he played Maine Road, in an Umbro tracksuit

Long before the days of the Etihad, Manchester City FC was based at Maine Road stadium. Lifetime City fans, the Gallaghers made Maine Road their first stadium gig. Their Knebworth announcement came a week later, in the NME. An iconic moment for Oasis and City fans alike.


10. Throughout the whole of Knebworth

They’re considered the greatest Oasis gigs of all time, but you should make your own mind up by watching this incredible ‘Champagne Supernova’ clip. Heeeeeere’s Johnny:


Source: NME