Noel Gallagher about being a frontman: “If it was an option I’d put a step to the side right now for a great frontman.”

The Dutch magazine OOR interviewed Noel Gallagher who talked about several things. Here we reported what he said about his next single, called ‘Riverman’. He also talked about being a frontman and performing with other artists.


When the interviewer asked him “Frontman or second fiddle?”, he answered: “Second man. All day. When the first High Flying Birds record was released, it was the first thing I was anxious of: me, in the spotlights, the one person that carries all the weight. Playing guitar all night, it’s all I know. Singing the whole night: that’s pushing it. But standing in the spotlight that’s not where I feel comfortable. I knew that back then I know it now. I eased my mind by thinking, oh well, we’ll play some theatres and maybe some bigger venues, that will be manageable. But no, the thing grew and grew and in the end I was playing in a full O2 Arena. Totally unexpected. Great of course that the tunes were liked, but it was never my intention. It’s the only thing that I’m not looking forward to now that I’ll be starting with chapter two: I know how big it could get and I just like being in the centre of the stage. I dare to say that I’ve grown accustomed to it, I know exactly what to do. But if it was an option I’d put a step to the side right now for a great frontman.”
He was then asked who is a frontman he would feel comfortable with.
“Bono, U2. They already have The Edge but I wouldn’t have a problem with playing second guitar for them. I’d fit right in. As long as you don’t pass him by. And there are others: David Bowie, even though he works so little that I wouldn’t make anything of it. Neil Young, if a positions frees up in Crazy Horse he should call me. Bob Dylan. Paul McCartney. You know, I’d even dare to say Coldplay if I’d only have to play guitar.”
“Sometimes solutions are closer than you’d think…” commented the interviewer.
“From your view maybe. I see it more likely that I’d play with Coldplay or U2 then any other comparable band.”

Source: SCYHO