Alan McGee about Oasis at Maine Road: “They were untouchable. The best British band in the world at that point”

Twenty years ago today Oasis were helding in Maine Road, Manchester, what is considered one of the best british gig ever.

Alan McGee, the man who discovered them, talking to Mirror Celeb, says this gig was their seminal moment.


“There were 80,000 fans and a thousand of them got mugged going in…It was a warzone, getting in and out was f***ing interesting”.

Oasis were in their best, playing their best songs, in their hometown, in the stadium of their favourite team, Manchester City.

“Liam was on fire, Noel was on fire, Bonehead was on fire, it was just the best lineup of the band for me” McGee said “They were untouchable. The best British band in the world at that point, and I know that’s a big statement”.

He added: “Maine Road, Earls Court and Glastonbury were their greatest gigs for me. I think Noel thought I was being a bit of a c*** by not being there but I was finding it difficult to leave London at that time. But by Maine Road I was starting to get my life back together”.

At the gig Liam, who as McGee says, was on fire walked out in a City tracksuit and Noel looked cooler than ever.

It was a gig that delivered on all levels – and fans parted with just £17.50 for the privilege.

The set list:

  • The Swamp Song
  • Acquiesce
  • Supersonic
  • Hello
  • Some Might Say
  • Roll With It
  • Morning Glory
  • Round Are Way (Ending with Up In The Sky)
  • Cigarettes & Alcohol
  • Champagne Supernova
  • Whatever (Ending with All The Young Dudes)
  • Cast No Shadow (First time ever sung by Liam Gallagher)
  • Wonderwall (First time ever sung by Liam Gallagher)
  • The Masterplan (Full tour debut)
  • Don’t Look Back in Anger
  • Live Forever
  • D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman? (Aborted as Noel Gallagher doesn’t know the words )
  • I Am the Walrus (The Beatles cover)
  • Cum On Feel the Noize (Slade cover and tour debut)

Source: Mirror