Alan McGee reckons Liam Gallagher could play Knebworth again

Alan McGee has said he thinks Liam Gallagher could sell out Knebworth on his own, 25 years after Oasis’ massive concerts at the venue.

The Manchester band performed to 250,000 fans over two nights at the Hertfordshire venue in August 1996.

McGee  – who signed Oasis to his label Creation Records, kickstarting their ascent to fame – is now estimating that Gallagher could sell out a solo show there. “Liam can do it, it’s only 125,000 people,” he said during an appearance on Phil Taggart’s Slacker podcast.

“I would say he’s almost as big as Oasis. He’s massive, Liam, at this point.”

McGee added: “Day one of me meeting him he thought he was great, and he is a great singer. He’s one of the best ones I’ve ever worked with.”