Alan McGee sold oasis memorabilia to pay for £40K summer house

Alan McGee sold oasis memorabilia to pay for £40K summer house

Alan McGee revealed that he sold £40,000 worth of Oasis memorabilia to pay for a summer house at the bottom of his garden.

The Creation Records man – who signed the band in 1993 – told Radio X’s Gordon Smart about raiding his basement for souvenirs, revealing: “I found loads of stuff and what it was, this was during the time I wasnae doing anything and my wife’s stepfather was kinda like in Canada and going through a bad time.

“So we wanted to bring him over, and we wanted to build something at the bottom of the garden, so we did. And it was gonna be forty grand, and because I’m Scottish I didnae want to spend forty grand myself, so I thought: ‘I’ve got to have something I can sell for forty grand at the drop of a hat.’

“And I went down to the basement and got all the memorabilia together – all the obvious stuff like gold records -you know, Wonderwall – song of the year in America 1995 for the BMI all that rubbish right, and I got about forty grand for it”.

He added: “And because I put it all up for auction people were saying: ‘Ah he’s bankrupt.’ I was like, I didnae wanna spend any money on it.”

McGee – who helps run Musicians Against Homelessness – said of the campaign: “We’re about to launch it again Gordon. I’m really only a front person. There’s a girl who runs it Emma Rule. It’s really her idea, she just asked if I could jump on board and pull people in.

“And people like (The Happy Mondays) Shaun Ryder and Rowetta and (Cast frontman) John Power are all on board and helping us do it.”

He added: “It’s great, but it’s really for the homeless. I think last year we raised enough money to – we housed over Christmas and fed 1700 people.”

Source Radio X