Anais Gallagher gives her opinion on whether or not she thinks Oasis will ever reform

Anais Gallagher gives her opinion on whether or not she thinks Oasis will ever reform

Anais Gallagher says she currently prefers Noel’s solo music to Oasis and ruled out a reunion.

Anais was quizzed about Oasis and her father Noel Gallagher’s music during an interview on the Happy Hour Podcast. They started off by speaking about misconceptions people have about Anais based on the fact she is a Gallagher.

She said:

“I’ve not got apartments I’d like to rent because the landlords think I’m going to have mad ones every night. My boyfriend’s family were genuinely like to him ‘Does she drink a lot? Does she do drugs?’ And he was like ‘no.’ I don’t drink, which also freaks people out as well. I think it’s because I’ve had parents who are like crazy, so it’s made me a little bit more mellow. I’ve rebelled in the opposite way. I don’t want to be part of that. I think they think I’m going to be really rowdy, I’m just not like that. I’m quite reserved and I’ll sit and judge people from afar, but I’m not going to be up in people’s faces. They think I’m going to be really feisty and that’s just not who I am.”

When asked whether she likes Noel’s solo stuff better or Oasis she responded:

“I think they’re both different. Oasis will always bring me that that like joy of ‘oh my god, such great times!’ And like the music is phenomenal. At the moment I prefer his solo stuff. Mainly because it’s really cool, it’s really interesting and plus I hear it all of the time. Also the songs, I can see what my dad puts into them and like it makes him so happy to make the stuff that he is making. It’s got like a funky 80s vibe at the moment and that’s like really cool.” Anais was also asked the big question of whether she thinks Oasis will ever reunite. She responded, “No. I know that’s not what people want to hear and I wish I could be more mysterious like ‘I don’t know, I couldn’t tell you.’ Personally, no I don’t think they will.”

Clips from Anais’s appearance on Happy Hour podcast are on Youtube now, so head over there to hear more from her. 

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