Anais Gallagher on the Oasis song she can no longer listen to, and her karaoke Blur song

Anais, Noel Gallagher’s daughter, has recently revealed that she can’t listen to “Wonderwall” anymore, and that she would rather sing Blur at karaoke “just for the irony”.

During an interview with NME about the “Soundtrack Of My Life”, she was asked about the track she can no longer listen to and she answered choosing “Wonderwall”.

“I know he likes to think differently, but I love my dad’s music genuinely more than anything”, she said.
“I bang out Oasis and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in my room super-loud all the time. But growing up, kids at school would tease me and shout Wonderwall lyrics in my face. It’s still something adults like to do after they’ve had a few drinks.”

“I was back in Manchester in the summer with my mates. Some guys in the pub recognised me and subsequently serenades me with Wonderwall.”

When asked about her ideal karaoke song, Anais answered “I’m not a karaoke person, but if I had to pick something I’d probably pick Blur’s Parklife – just for the irony.”

Source: NME