Anais Gallagher recalls when she “literally died” seeing Harry Styles (and Noel embarrassed her)

Noel Gallagher’s daughter Anais in a recent interview with Grazia recalled the time that she met the member of One Direction Harry Styles and her dad embarrassed her.

Anais – 14 years old – is a huge fan of One Direction, while Noel has always shown his dislike for them.
The teenage Gallagher told that they met Styles in a London cafè and Noel could not help himself from embarrassing her.


“Harry seems really nice, I was in a cafè once and Harry came in. I’d been joking that I’d probably wet myself if 1D walked in. So my dad started kicking me under the table and shouted, “Are you going to wet yourself now?” I literally died.”
Noel recently talked about One Direction saying that Anais considers them a band, while they are not an actual since they do not write their own tunes. You can find here the sum of the interview we made for you.

Source: NME