Anais Gallagher replies to Noel’s comments on not wearing masks

Anais Gallagher replies to Noel’s comments on not wearing masks

Anais Gallagher has reacted to her father’s comments about not wearing masks.

The former Oasis rocker hit the headlines in September when he slammed being forced to wear face masks in shops and on public transport.

Now, his daughter – who he shares with first wife Meg Matthews – has shared her thoughts on the comments and dubbed herself as “less revolutionary” than her father.

As reported by, asked what she thought of her dad’s opinion, she responded: “I get where he’s coming from but I’m less full-on than him. I’m generally less revolutionary than my dad. I’ve never not worn a mask.

“I think my generation is quite lenient and that’s not necessarily a good thing. We do what we’re told a bit too much, we come from the era of fake news and Facebook telling us what the news is.”

The 20-year-old added: “We are also hugely afraid of being cancelled. It’s very dangerous to stand up and be your own person in my generation. If you are going against the grain, you can be totally cut out.”

The Ballad of The Mighty I singer set tongues wagging when he appeared to dismiss the government measure, telling pal Matt Morgan: “There’s too many f**king liberties being taken away from us now. I’ve been in shops today.

“[They said], You have to wear a mask. Says who?”

He went on: “I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus, it’s on me. If every other c**t’s gonna wear a mask, I’m not gonna catch it off them. And if I’ve got it, they’re not gonna catch it off me. I just think it’s a piss take.”

The Government’s current stance on face masks is.

Source: RadioX