‘As It Was’ – 10 reasons to see new Liam Gallagher Documentary

‘As It Was’ – 10 reasons to see new Liam Gallagher Documentary

‘As It Was’ showcases Liam Gallagher in a previously unseen light, full of vulnerability and humility but with his trademark edge present throughout.

The film chronicles the youngest Gallagher’s role in the demise of Oasis, his false dawn rebirth with Beady Eye and his triumphant comeback as a solo artist.

Love or loathe Liam Gallagher, ‘As It Was’ – co-directed by Charlie Lightening (‘The River’) and Irishman Gavin Fitzgerald (‘Notorious’) – looks to be as raw as a music documentary can get and will surely be one of the most captivating of its genre in 2019.


The result of that fateful Paris evening in summer 2009 is well-established. The events leading up to the moment that the most era-defining band of the previous decade collapsed are not as widely documented.

It is quite possible that ‘As It Was’ will take care of that.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how much of an impact and presence Noel Gallagher has in the documentary.


They had some good tunes, but they never stood a chance. It all came too soon after the Oasis split and it was missing one crucial man from the band’s line-up.

‘As It Was’ will illustrate this reality.

Dig out Beady Eye’s two albums – Different Gear, Same Speed and BE – when you can.

Some of their tunes are sure to be played in ‘As It Was’ especially considering Noel blocked the use of any Oasis music in the film.


We know all about two of the three Gallagher boys but less is known about the eldest sibling, Paul.

Let’s hope ‘As It Was’ sets that right.

Paul has always been supportive of his little brothers.


“Go on, Gallagher!”

The video of Liam singing and playing acoustic guitar surrounded by the locals in a Castletown pub in County Mayo went viral in 2015 and reminded the world of the Mancunian’s presence in the most wonderful way.

As we soon learn, the song heard in the video – Bold – became one of the hit tunes from Liam’s debut solo album.

‘As It Was’ will hopefully delve deep into Liam’s Irish heritage. He, of course, is the son of Irish parents.


Yes, Liam is one of thegreatest frontmen – or certainly was in his pomp – off all-time but his musicality is a hidden treasure.

That treasure chest will hopefully be opened in ‘As It Was’ as Liam leads his new band in directing the sound and theme of his maiden record.


As seen in one of the documentary’s teasers, we’re invited into the home of Peggy Gallagher in Manchester where Liam, Noel and Paul were raised.

This is the first time media have been afforded such access.

It’s going to be great to see mother and son interact on camera.


Liam has two teenage sons and daughter he has only recently been acquainted with.

Considering this documentary is all about Liam, we will surely get to see the paternal side of Gallagher.


Since his triumphant return in 2017, Liam has showcased his talent around the world. He has performed now famous gigs in The Ritz and One Love Manchester in the wake of the Manchester bombing tragedy.

This is not to mention his appearance at Glastonbury in the same year. ‘As It Was’ will surely give us a behind-the-scenes perspective like no other in this regard.



The king is back. The comeback is complete but there is no way we’re getting out of ‘As It Was’ without encountering some sort of trouble.

For a character as charismatic as Liam, it is somewhat inevitable…

And we’ll be all the better for it.


If you follow Liam on Twitter then you’ll know all about Liam’s feeling towards Noel.

However, to see it on camera will notch up the tension considerably and it’s one of the most captivating elements to look forward to in ‘As It Was’.

There is a lot of hatred but, no matter how hard Liam tries to move on, the love is still there.

Let’s see where the film leaves us in this regard.

‘As It Was’ will be a must-watch music documentary, Liam Gallagher fan or not.