Barry Gibb discusses Oasis reunion hopes and working with the Gallaghers

Barry Gibb has revealed his hopes to work with Liam and Noel Gallagher, but cast doubt over the chances of an Oasis reunion. 

Following his set playing the coveted ‘legends’ slot at Glastonbury 2017 last week, the former Bee Gees icon was speaking to BANG Showbiz when he weighed up the chances of an Oasis reunion after being in a band of brothers himself, with the late Robin and Maurice.

Asked if he could see them getting back together, Gibb replied: “No. I know about brothers. Nobody can bring people back together again, certainly not me.”

When quizzed on if he’d work with Liam, Barry said: “Of course I would, but you have to be asked. You really can’t just say, ‘I’m going to write a song for so and so’. Usually so and so has to ask you but I recognise great opportunities when they come by and if that’s the case I’ll do it.”

Meanwhile, Gibb also lives in a house near Noel. Could they perhaps team up?

“I would love it,” said Gibb. “I would love it because I love him and love them (Noel and Liam) together. I love oasis. He’s only down the street from me out there in Beaconsfield. I don’t think it’s Beaconsfield but it’s very close by.”

Source: NME