BBC gamely try to persuade Liam Gallagher not to swear on live TV

BBC gamely try to persuade Liam Gallagher not to swear on live TV

Adele didn’t heed the warning, and Dave Grohl deliberately ­disobeyed them – alas, the BBC is still trying to encourage Liam Gallagher not to swear during his festival set.

The 45-year-old rocker will be broadcast live as he takes to the stage at Radio 2’s Biggest Weekend gig in Coventry, and the Beeb has made it very clear it expects best behaviour from him. A source said: “There’s a poster in his dressing room to remind him that the BBC requests no bad language on stage.

“Once he’s on site, organisers will brief him in person about not turning the airwaves blue.

“Producers are poised and ready to go with the bleep button.

“Though the Radio 2 bosses have his brother Noel on stage on Saturday in Perth, there are definitely extra precautions being taken for Liam’s set. ”

The Beeb has reason for concern. After being told off for swearing at Leeds Festival last year, Liam remarked: “Stop the world I’m getting the F*** OFF.

“As you f***ing were, you f***ing c**** s**** t****.”

But a source at the Beeb insists the team warn every artist about their language prior to going on stage.

In 2016, Adele joked about being given a warning for her “potty mouth” as she delivered an impressive 33 swearwords during her Glastonbury set broadcast live on the BBC.

During Foo Fighters’ set the following year, Dave Grohl tried to break her record by repeatedly chanting the word “f***”.