Big Shaq at Brit Awards: “Noel Gallagher, he’s a legend”

Big Shaq at Brit Awards: “Noel Gallagher, he’s a legend”

Big Shaq has revealed that he is open to the idea of working and touring with “legend” Noel Gallagher.

Last year, Gallagher revealed that his children introduced him to Shaq (known also as comedian Michael Dappah), the man behind the viral hit ‘Mans Not Hot‘. Gallagher then said that he would love to play some shows with Big Shaq.

Now speaking to NME at the BRIT Awards 2018, Shaq said that he’s very much up for it.

“Noel Gallagher, he’s a legend,” Shaq told NME. “One legend’s approval of what you’re doing is nice – but you know, let’s wait and see what’s going to happen.”

Asked about the likelihood of the pair working together, he replied: “Who knows? Who bloody knows mate?”

As well as singing a cover of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ and telling anyone unfamiliar with the song to ‘re-evaluate their life’, he    ended on a message for Noel.

“Noel, big up yourself man – continue smashing it.”

Speaking of his love for Noel last year, Shaq said: “Man like Noel. Get my number just DM me on Twitter. I’ll send you the number then obviously we can chop it up, you understand ’cause like mans international now. Check the statistics.

Source: NME

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