Bonehead appears to react to Noel Gallagher’s anti-mask comments

Bonehead appears to react to Noel Gallagher’s anti-mask comments

Bonehead appears to have responded to Noel Gallagher’s anti-mask stance.

Noel Gallagher, Bonehead

The former Oasis guitarist and songsmith went viral this week after admitting he refuses to wear a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on the Matt Morgan podcast, the former Oasis man admitted that he’d refused to comply with the Government’s guidance that the public wear the personal protection, unless they are exempt because of a physical or mental illness or disability.

Now, after Gallagher trended on Twitter, the Manchester band’s former rhythm guitarist – whose real name is Paul Arthurs – seems to have shared his rather unsubtle take on it all.

Taking to Instagram, the rocker let a picture do the talking by sharing a stock image of someone wearing a disposable mask.

Fans were quick to notice the post, with one Oasis fan account writing: “I wonder if this is directed to noel it must be,” and another fan writing: “noel needs to see this”.

During Matt Morgan’s podcast, Gallagher said: “Listen to me.. it’s not a law. There’s too many f**king liberties being taken away from us now. I’ve been in shops today. [They said], You have to wear a mask. Says who?”

Morgan countered Gallagher’s claims by saying: “What’s good about the mask is, if someone’s coughing next to you with Coronavirus, the mask is gonna lessen the dose you get, So if you breathe in a lot of it, your immune system, no matter how healthy you are, might be overwhelmed by it.”

Gallagher went on: “I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus, it’s on me. If every other c**t’s gonna wear a mask, I’m not gonna catch it off them. And if I’ve got it, they’re not gonna catch it off me. I just think it’s a piss take.”

“The whole thing’s bollocks. You’re supposed to wear them in Selfridges, yet you can f**king go down the pub and be surrounded by every f**king c**t. It’s like, Oh actually, we don’t have the virus in pubs but we have it in Selfridges? Oh right.”

The musician claimed that he’d travelled back home on a train and refused to wear a protective mask. He revealed: “I was going up to Manchester the other week and some guy’s going can you put your mask on, on the train, because the transport police will get on and fine you a thousand pounds. But you don’t have to put it on if you’re eating.

“So I was saying Oh right, this killer virus that’s sweeping through the train is gonna come and attack me but see me having a sandwich and go leave him. Leave him, he’s having his lunch.”

As detailed on gov.ukthe Government stance on wearing masks in shops and public transport is that: “The police can take measures if members of the public do not comply with this law without a valid exemption and transport operators can deny access to their public transport services if a passenger is not wearing a face covering, or direct them to wear one or leave a service.

Needless to say, Noel Gallagher’s comments have already attracted attention from people from all walks of life, including Jedward, who have been campaigning for celebrities to use their platform to encourage mask-wearing.

While his estranged brother Liam has yet to react directly to the news and also kept tight-lipped over The Stone Roses rocker Ian Brown’s anti-mask tweets, he seemed to have also made his position clear by sharing a photo of himself in a mask earlier this week.

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