Bono’s son to tour with Noel Gallagher

Bono’s son to tour with Noel Gallagher

Bono has persuaded his mate Noel Gallagher to take his son Elijah Hewson’s band Inhaler on tour with him this summer.

The U2 frontman is old friends with former Oasis man Noel and introduced the 19-year-old musician to the legendary Manchester group’s music a couple of years ago.

Now Bono has managed to get Elijah and his bandmates a slot opening for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds this summer – including a slot at Noel’s huge hometown Heaton Park show on 7 June.

Gallagher was clearly impressed by Inhaler, who he has described as sounding like “early U2″. Noel told the BBC: “His son’s got something.

“Eli has been getting it together for a few years and has gone through the stages most young people do. He started off a bit like The Clash, a bit angry.

“They’re going to do some gigs with me in the summer. “They’re a bit like the Bunnymen and early U2, which is a surprise.”

Inhaler are currently on a UK tour with Stockport rising stars Fuzzy Sun, before joining Blossoms and Courteeners on their festival warm up dates this summer. Their new song, My Honest Face, arrives at the end of June.