Chris Martin about the collaboration with Noel Gallagher: “One of our dreams was to have Noel play on something because we used to love Oasis so much!”

Interviewed by Kevin & Bean, Chris Martin expressed his opinion about the contribution by Noel Gallagher (read more) for Coldplay’s forthcoming album, A Head Full of Dreams, set for release December 4.

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“Some of the record”, admitted Martin, “is about trying to make dreams come true, and humans’ ability to fix things by coming up with new ideas. And one of our dreams was to have Noel play on something because we used to love Oasis so much.”

According to Martin, Gallagher doesn’t sing, but he does offer “a big guitar solo.”

When asked what went wrong with Oasis, Martin stated: “I love Oasis. I think it’s dangerous when you change the lineup of something; the magic… it always comes out different”.

“I feel bad for for them,” interjected Bean, “because they’re both very talented and I feel like Oasis was something that was so special that they can’t get out from under it. No matter how great Noel’s records are now, all anybody wants to ask him is ‘When is Oasis getting back together?’”.

“I’ll give you my serious answer if you really want it,” said Martin “I think a band by its very nature is only as good as the chemistry between the players. None of us in rock bands, or whatever kind of bands we’re in, are virtuosos, otherwise we’d be concert pianists. So the only thing you have in your favor as a band is your unique chemistry. And if you’re lucky enough to have a great songwriter like Noel then those songs get fed into this weird arrangement of people. I feel like the great bands respect that chemistry”.

Source: KROQ