Chris Martin keeps trying to reunite Gallagher brothers

Chris Martin keeps trying to reunite Gallagher brothers

As rumors of a possible Oasis reunion are still strong, also Chris Martin has stepped in to encourage Liam and Noel to solve their problems.


Matt Whitecross, the director of the new Oasis’ documentary Supersonic, has revealed that Chris Martin, Noel’s close friend, is regularly involved in trying to reunite the Gallagher brothers.

“I think it’d be such a shame if they don’t,” Whitecross said in a recent interview when asked about the chances of an Oasis reunion. “Just for themselves. Noel’s friends with Chris Martin and he’s constantly saying to them ‘Just pick up the phone!’ But it’s obviously not as easy as that because else he would have done it.”

Speaking about the documentary, the director added: “I hope it reminds people what they’ve lost. I’m not a musician, but it feels to me the trajectory that band took is impossible now and that’s a tragedy. You also get the sense that people don’t know the real Liam and Noel, they think they’re these caricatures, which is not even close to the truth. I hope we can redress the balance.”

He continued: “And if we can get the band back together, even better!”

Source: NME