Chris Moyles on Liam Gallagher’s new album

Chris Moyles on Liam Gallagher’s new album

A couple of days ago, during his show on Radio X, Chris Moyles talked about Liam Gallagher’s solo project.

He revealed some new infos about Ourkid’s upcoming album.

He recently listened to two songs from Liam’s new work, but he didn’t get a copy: everything’s still super-confidential.

Apparently, one of these two songs will be the first single to be released; Chris is a big Oasis’ fan, and he commented: “It’s very good. It’s brilliant, I adored it.”

He added that he can’t decide  which one of the two new songs is his favorite, he loved them both very much.

“His voice is brilliant, the sound is brilliant, the production is brilliant, everything is brilliant!”

He then said that he was feeling very nervous before listening to these songs: he usually doesn’t love a song right away, he needs more time to appreciate it. But these new tunes are really very good.

“Liam’s voice is clean, clear, and pure: he’s great, he’s Liam.”