Courtney Love recalls when Liam Gallagher partied with her and played her Songbird

Courtney Love recalls when Liam Gallagher partied with her and played her Songbird

Courtney Love has recalled the time she stayed up all night with Liam Gallagher then was treated to a rendition of his Songbird ballad.

Liam Gallagher, Courtney Love

The former Oasis frontman’s Down By The River Thames gig was broadcast on Saturday (5 December) and it prompted the Hole rocker to tell a story about a random time she spent with the rocker in London in the early 2000s.

Sharing a photo of herself and Liam on Instagram, Love began: “00. @liamgallagher , and a cheesy snakeskin top from night market at Juan le pins ( south of france) rolled into The capital early evening @juliewhitebread asked what we should do tonight … having been sunning / eating Niçoise salad / chugging anyone else’s Petrus”.

She went on to explain that she wanted to hang out with Liam Gallagher and proceeded to hunt him down before having a night of excess which stretched into the early hours.

The Live Through This rocker continued: “I want Liam. Can we get me Liam?” I said … . Jp said “ha I bet I can find him in under an hour“ “really ? Ok ! Do it” off she went within 20 minutes she’d found him ( met bar) “come down he wants to hang” she was laughing . 20 minutes! an idiot american I’d ordered an actual limousine ( no one uses those in London. Just suckers like me !)”.

Once they met up with Liam and a character called Terry Chemical, the grunge rocker went on to spend an evening of rock ‘n’ roll drug-fuelled decadence with the him until there was only two of them left.

She revealed: “At some point, sunrise almost with everyone else gone ( that gross almost sun rise feel! You all know it!) he grabs a guitar and after I play “hold onto me” which I was extremely proud of , my first love song , he goes next and plays the most sublime “songbird” . I kept thinking . Liams the talent ! It’s not Noel! ( unfair I’m sure . It’s them both ) months later “songbird “ which I’d told all that would listen was a work of such sublime game changing beauty , George Harrison aspect included , was released . but when it was recorded a minor tempo change had ruined ( for me) the alchemical magic of “songbird” still a lovely song but that sunrise cokey come down London morning it was … THE BEST SONG EVER.”

In the comments section Julie Whitebread confirmed the story and added her own extra details, writing: “#1 It was probably 5 minutes I just had to make one phone call to @alanmcgee93 #2 Don’t forget when we piled into car I was behind Liam and I was suddenly pushed airborne (rightfully so we have this amazing photo!). And #3 @liamgallagher made me go inside the gogo guys house with him and face two giant mastiff 🐕s, while he slinked in behind me! #4 I seem to remember a fight about Eminem but that may have been between me & Terry & Liam. # yes! THE BEST SONG EVER. What a night!”

Liam Gallagher hasn’t reacted to the story yet, but we imagine that he’s not going to deny any of it.

He did, however, take to Twitter after his special MelodyVR live stream to thank his fans for watching and to look forward to real gigs in the summer

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