David Holmes says Noel Gallagher is incredibly creative when he wants to be

Below is a small Q&A with David Holmes from the current issue of Uncut.  

UNCUT: What did Noel tell you he was after?

David Holmes: “He didn’t tell me anything, really. He asked me to produce ‘Chasing Yesterday’ but I felt it was too far down the line to get involved, so I suggested making a record from scratch that didn’t involve him bringing anything to the studio apart from his guitars and a bunch of pedals” .

UNCUT: And the process? 

David Holmes: “When Noel arrived in Belfast, I had created about 10 loop-based backing tracks that were great jumping off points. Noel set up a chain of guitar pedals and we started experimenting with different sounds/melodies. He pretty much nailed everything that week. He then took the tracks away and slowly but surely started to write the songs”.

UNCUT: Did you know Noel anyway? What were your expectations?

David Holmes: “I met him once after a Primal Scream concert in somewhere in Europe. He’s obviously a great songwriter, but his skills on a guitar really surprised me. He’s incredibly creative when he wants to be. Everything was down to a great vibe and instinct”.