Debbie Gwyther has been selected as Manager of the Year at the Artist & Manager Awards

Massive congratulations to Liam Gallagher and Debbie Gwyther on their awards for Rock Icon and Manager of the Year.

Liam will be honoured with the first ever Rock Icon award at the MTV European Music Awards, the ceremony which occurs in Seville will be televised on Sunday. Meanwhile Debbie Gwyther, Liam’s manager and fiancé has been selected as Manager of the Year at the Artist & Manager Awards. Annabella Coldrick who is CEO of the MMF explained why Debbie was selected. She said during an interview with Music Week, “Selecting a ‘Manager Of The Year’ is always a massive challenge, but Debbie’s impact over the last 12 months has been undeniable. We all know that Liam Gallagher is one of the UK’s greatest, most enduring and recognisable rock stars, but behind the scenes of incredible team work and collaboration- all with the goal of putting Liam back where he belongs. MMF are delighted to recognise Debbie’s success and thrilled that Sam and Roy have agreed to present the award. Why her? Why not.” Debbie’s twin sister and PR Katie Gwyther took to Instagram to express her pride at her sister’s achievement. She wrote, “Debbie will be honoured at the 2019 Artist & Manager Awards, receiving ‘Manager Of The Year’ These are organised by the Music Managers Forum (MMF) & Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), the most prestigious award voted by the largest representative body of music management in the world. It’s thoroughly deserved and am suitably proud. Needless to say he will be embarrassed about my public declaration. She couldn’t even find 1 photo for the announcement which says a lot about her priorities & focus.” Liam also tweeted his pride at Debbie’s accomplishment, “Congratulations to my girl, long overdue x” Well done @liamgallagher & @zeb0rah the rock and roll dream team