DMA’s difende Noel Gallagher’s stance on songwriting

DMA’s Johnny Took believes Noel Gallagher is right to bring up the importance of songwriting.

The Delete rocker, who co-writes songs with his bandmates – Tommy O’dell and Matt Mason, admires Noel for bringing up the fact he penned the majority of Oasis songs.

Speaking excluisvely to BANG showbiz, the guitarist said: “He is a songwriter, he is the f***ing songwriter, you don’t mess with him. “I am a fan of anyone who is writing original music.

“I would say songwriting is the core of the music industry and I think people forget about that and focus on other things.

“At the end of the day a band doesn’t get anywhere unless they’ve got songs.”

Took also revealed that he thinks the 50-year-old rocker was only joking when he said he was going to “boo them off stage.”

He recalled: “Someone told him that we sound like Oasis and I don’t think he’d even heard us play.

“He jokingly said, ‘Oh they sound like Oasis, I am going to have to boo them off stage.’ I thought it was pretty cool.”

Meawhile, Liam Gallagher recently gave DMA’s a glowing recommendation on their LP For Now, with the Wall of Glass singer taking to Twitter to write: “Just heard the new DMA’s record 1 world BIBLICAL as you were LG x [sic]”

Reacting to the former Oasis frontman’s seal of approval, Johnny said: “It’s cool. Growing up listening to guitar music and popular guitar music, he’s been there and done it, he’s been at the top of it. It’s good to get a thumbs up from your peers, it’s pretty damn cool and it will help us sell a few more tickets, you know.”

Source: RadioX