Elton John tells Noel Gallagher what he thinks about his new album

Elton John tells Noel Gallagher what he thinks about his new album

Noel Gallagher appears on Elton John‘s radio show this week, with Elton telling Noel what he thinks about his new album.

Former Oasis guitarist Gallagher released his new High Flying Birds album    ‘Who Built The Moon?’ last month (November 24). The album is currently at  number one in the UK.

On Elton’s Beats 1 radio show Rocket Hour, the host gives Noel his take on ‘Who Built The Moon’, saying: “I can hear certain things on this album that you probably wouldn’t. I can hear a bit of T-Rex. There’s a bit of Steve Miller I can hear. I can hear Beatles things obviously. But it’s all things that I love.”

“It’s one of these albums that you just can’t stop playing and it makes you happy,” John adds.

Noel agrees: “Yeah that was my overriding feeling about it. When I finished the thing it was like, there’s an overriding sense of joy in it which I’ve been saying in all the interviews is almost revolutionary these days because if you’re a guy playing a guitar in a band you’re almost obliged to write about the news. And the news, as we all know, is boring, it’s the same old same old. To get that amount of joy in a record is unique these days I think.”

Gallagher also spoke to John about his love of Young Fathers, saying: “I went to see them when they were on tour with Massive Attack just after that album came out and of course this tune was in the Trainspotting 2 film and I don’t know a great deal about them but when I found out they were from Edinburgh or from Scotland I was blown-away.

It’s hard to pigeon-hole Young Fathers because they’re not… well this track [‘Get Up’] is kind of unique, it’s kind of dance but it’s not, it’s electronic but it’s not… I was trying to get them on tour but they’re busy doing other things. I’d love to do some shows with them down the line, they’re great.”

Rocket Hour airs on Monday night and will be repeated on Tuesday.

Source: NME

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