Gallagher brothers unite in sadness at Britain leaving the EU

Liam and Noel Gallagher have both had angry reactions to the news Britain is quitting the EU.



Noel posted on Instagram a picture of the EU flag changed from blue to black, with the caption “Black day”.
Liam tweeted “Stop the world, I’m getting off”.






Liam hadn’t previously commented on the referendum, but Noel had said that this issue was probably too complicated to be trusted to the population to vote on.

Noel had told a Canadian radio station: “I don’t think we should be given a vote. I see politicians on TV every night telling us that this is a fu**ing momentous decision that could fu**ing change Britain forever. It’s like, OK, why don’t you fu**ing do what we pay you to do, which is run the fu**ing country and make your fu**ing mind up?”

He added: “What are you asking the people for? 99% of the people are thick as pig sh*t.”

Source: NME