George Bowie brands Noel Gallagher a ‘p***k and a d***’ but says Liam is a ‘lovely guy’

George Bowie brands Noel Gallagher a ‘p***k and a d***’ but says Liam is a ‘lovely guy’

The legendary DJ, best known for his GBX anthems, is a massive fan of the rock band.

Noel Gallagher

But he admits it’s a tough one to take when one of your heroes in life turns out to be a ‘d***’

The Clyde 1 presenter says his brother Liam was the complete opposite and it’s clear to see why the siblings don’t get on.

The brothers have had a rocky relationship for many years.

And the DJ, who recently revealed there were more Celtic fans than Rangers fans at Ibrox when he worked there, has opened up on his experiences with the global superstars.

Recalling the t-shirt incident he had with Noel, he told host Si Ferry: “Noel’s a p***k right. Sorry to say this. Liam seems like a lovely guy.

“I only met Liam once and he came into Clyde and he was talking away. He was great. Noel was just a d***.

“We interviewed him once and he was just so difficult to interview. He was doing this Clyde 1 live at the Hydro.

“We had the Stereophonics on and Noel wanted to open the show because he had another gig on and he had to go.

“So the girls from Cash For Kids went out and bought a High Flying Birds t-shirt.

“We went, got the official t-shirt and asked if he could sign it so we could auction it off for the Cash For Kids at Christmas and he went, ‘nah.’

“I thought, ‘why are you being a d***, you don’t need to be a d***’. You’ve got all this talent… it was really frustrating because I love Oasis and when you meet one of your heroes and they are a d*** it’s pretty difficult.

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