Gerry Cinnamon on how Liam Gallagher has helped him deal with fame

Gerry Cinnamon on how Liam Gallagher has helped him deal with fame

Gerry Cinnamon has spoken of how his friendship with Liam Gallagher has helped him come to terms with the pressures of his rapid rise to fame.

The Scottish troubadour has proven a phenomenon in amassing legions of fans on people-power alone without a record label, PR or music industry mechanics. Now, he’s set to play a huge run of UK and Ireland arena and stadium shows in 2020 – including a massive homecoming gig at Glasgow’s Hampden Park.

Last year, Cinnamon joined Liam Gallagher on tour – who shared some sage advice with him on how to deal with success.Advertisement

“I can’t talk to my pals,” Cinnamon told Q. “I get, ‘Cry me a river, while I get up at five in the morning and travel to the arse end of nowhere putting scaffolding up in the pishin’ rain’. I know, I’ve worked on sites all my life. Liam knows the kind of situation I’m in. Even thinking about it, I’m getting emotional. He’s told me stories, a top boy, funny as fuck.

The interview also saw the singer-songwriter say that he “didn’t want to get any bigger”, that fame has “been devalued” and is “worthless”, money is “of no value to him whatsoever” and that he “values his sanity more than anything”.

“It’s not about me, it’s about [the fans],” he added. “If it was about me, I’d be a bit of a fucking dick, would I? If everybody leaves smiling and laughing and singing and dancing – and most of all, safe – I’ve done it.”

Speaking up for another friend, Lewis Capaldi, Cinnamon added: “His detractors can suck a fat one, what he’s done is undeniable.”