‘Going on tour with U2 was great… not that I remember much of it’

‘Going on tour with U2 was great… not that I remember much of it’

Noel Gallagher has revealed how going on tour with U2 was great – but he doesn’t remember much of it.


Joining host Ryan Tubridy on tonight’s The Late Late Show, Noel, a long-time fan of U2, spoke about his friendship with the band, singing karaoke with Bono and the love he has for his Irish mammy.

He also gave an exclusive performance with his band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

He performed Dead in the Water, a track that was originally recorded on RTÉ 2FM.

The Oasis star told Tubridy he has been a fan of U2 from “very early on” and that they threw some of the greatest parties while on tour, so much so that he doesn’t remember much of being on tour with them.

“When we played in Slane castle with REM I think Adam Clayton came, and then we met them at an awards ceremony really early on and we became friends ever since,” Noel said.

“My kids are friends with their kids and they all go on holiday and we have all been on holiday with them.

“Going on tour with them a couple of years ago was great. Not that I remember a great deal about it but apparently it was great.”

Speaking about song-writing with Oasis, the Machester native said a lot of the songs he wrote in the 90s “were under the influence of one thing or another.”

Because of this, he said it’s hard to remember what some of his most famous songs are about, but when he sees fans “crying, singing Champagne Supernova with their tops off, this is what it’s about.”

The musician recalled one party where he did Karaoke with Bono.

“They do throw some of the greatest parties on tour that I have ever been to,” he said.

“One memory is they were having some big party, me and Bono were doing karaoke and we did a duet of Kung Fu fighting, I have to say, he murdered it…I was great.”

The singer said he tried to buy his Irish mammy Peggy a house, but she wasn’t moving because five of her sisters all live within a 15-minute walk of each other.

He added: “The one thing that she requested was, we had a garden gate which was really squeaky and she said ‘if you could just change the gate’.

“So we bought her a brand-new gate with a gold No5 on it, and she was happy as Larry after that.

“She just wanted that, and €100k a month,” he laughed.

The former Oasis guitarist said he “often wonders” how life would have turned out if his mother didn’t buy him the instrument.

He added: “I don’t think she ever accepted we were in a band or any good until we were in Top of the Pops.”