Got something to ask the former Oasis singer? Here’s your chance, ahead of his summer tour and debut solo album

He loves a set-to, does Liam Gallagher; he talks a good fight. Out on tour soon, he’ll be playing festivals to promote his forthcoming debut solo album, As You Were. “Some super sweet sounds,” he trailed last year. And: “Be afraid you so called troubadours and you plastic rock n rollers give your paper crown 1 last cuddle coz I’m on my way.” 

So it’s all the more mysterious why the younger, more chiselled and no less entertaining Gallagher has been tweeting Oasis lyrics and trolling his big brother hard of late. “To all you NG fanboys,” he tweeted last month, “I can and will sing any song he wrote bigger better than him even if I was kicked in the bollox by a wood pigeon.”

In a couple of weeks, Observer critic and writer Miranda Sawyer will be diving into the enigma wrapped in a conundrum and dressed in Pretty Green that is Liam Gallagher – ace face of Britpop, erstwhile Beady Eye, sometime fashion designer… This is your chance to put your questions to the former Oasis singer and voice of a generation.

“It’s not Pink Floyd and it’s not Radiohead,” Gallagher said, trailing his album to Q recently, “it’s chin-out music.” So what does Liam solo sound like? Why has he been tweeting Be Here Now lyrics, on the eve of that album’s 20th anniversary in August? How – to paraphrase fellow Mancunians Elbow – did he perfect that simian stroll? And what might it feel like to be kicked in the nads by a bird? One thing: don’t mention an Oasis reunion. Our local likes its furniture, and doesn’t need it reduced to matchsticks.

Post your questions by 10am on Tuesday 2 May either below the line here, on twitter @ObsNewReview or by email to

Source: The Guardian