Happy Mondays star Rowetta defend Liam Gallagher amid the allegations of assault against his girlfriend

Happy Mondays star Rowetta is defending Liam Gallagher amid the allegations of assault against his girlfriend.

Manchester singer/songwriter Rowetta is best known for her work with The Happy Mondays, who she toured with and sang with for 9 years between 1991-2000 and is touring again with them now.

Rowetta has defended the rock and roll star, she spoke on her own experience of domestic violence and denied Liam to be among the abusive men, and said The Sun are trying to ruin his career.

She wrote via Twitter “If Liam Gallagher, who I love by the way, has had a bad one with his lady. Seriously that is between them, and I know that she is a strong woman. The Scum milking it is vile! Liam Gallagher, put me in a room with the writer of this shite. I’m a real battered wife. He’s not one of them. They are trying to fuck Liam up! He and his missus should be the only ones that should comment really.”

A video emerged from The Sun which showed Liam’s girlfriend go upstairs in a hotel, she stood in the doorway, Liam pushed her out of his way, then she followed him, he raised his arm and seemed to touch her neck or her jawline, but he did not grab or throttle her neck like The Sun had claimed. Debbie has also rubbished the claims that he has been violent to her ever. She said it was “ridiculous” that he has never laid a hand on her and also said what Rowetta said that The Sun were trying to “Dirty Liam’s Name” calling the whole thing a “Witch hunt.”