‘Have another line you old tart’: Liam Gallagher attacks journalist after her interview with Noel

The Sunday TimesStyle magazine journalist Julie Burchill recently talked to Noel Gallagher and in her interview she mocked Liam Gallagher. As a response, he dissed her on his Twitter account.

In fact, she said she felt like asking Noel, 48, about his younger brother would be “like mocking the afflicted” and then wrote: “Liam, who once appeared to be living the dream, is now reduced to flogging mugs and bags, among other bagatelles, at his Pretty Green shops. Talking about him to his supremely accomplished and satisfied brother – whose dream it was, and who is still living it – would have seemed like mocking the afflicted.

Liam, defined Burchill an “old tart”, he suggested should snort drugs instead of mocking him, after she admitted she “took loads of cocaine for 30 years.”
Taking to Twitter, he raged: “Mocking the afflicted well you’d know all about that wouldn’t ya have another line you old tart.”

Source: The Sun