‘I was like, ‘does he want a f**king scrap?’ – Liam Gallagher discusses burying the hatchet with Chris Martin

Liam Gallagher has spoken out about making peace with Coldplay‘s Chris Martin – after he   apologised for previously and frequently criticising the band.

Liam turned solo star made headlines when he joined  Coldplay to perform ‘Live Forever’ together  at the One Love Manchester charity concert earlier this  summer – despite having compared them to The Tweenies and saying they look ‘beyond shit‘ in the  past.

Speaking in an interview as editor as the first ever edition of NME Gold Liam said that he was “fucking glad he did it”, and that he and Martin were “cool” now.

“That was all right, man,” said Gallagher. “We were booked to do a gig in Germany. We were supposed to be on about seven.  Debbie was going ‘you’ll never guess who keeps fucking emailing me’. I’m like, ‘who? It’s not fucking Noel is it? Tell him to fuck off’. ‘No, fucking Chris Martin’. I’m like ‘what the fuck does he want?’ ‘I dunno what he wants, he just wants to have a word with you’. I’m like ‘does he want a fucking scrap? I’m not in the fucking mood right now, man’.”

Gallagher continued: “Anyway, so then we get on Skype, and he says ‘the Manchester thing, are you up for doing it?’ I think he wanted to do like, ‘Imagine’, and I’m like ‘look, I’m not doing ‘Imagine’, it ain’t happening’. He went ‘oh go on, it’ll be great’. I was like ‘I’m sure it fucking will be great. I’m fucking great and you’re fucking great, but it ain’t happening’. So he goes, ‘oh, would you do an Oasis tune?’ and I said ‘yeah, of course, man’. So then it was ‘Live Forever’.”

Speaking of what happened after the show, Gallagher told NME: “I didn’t hang around the get my back patted, we were out of there. It was like, look, it was good to do. And Chris? I went, ‘listen, I’m sorry about all that shit, that I keep fucking slagging you off. You know I don’t fucking mean it’. He’s going ‘nah, nah, no worries, we love it mate, carry on!’

“He was cool. But I’ve not heard fucking back from him since. He’s fucked me right off now.”


Source: NME