Jake Bugg says that feud with Noel Gallagher is “water under the bridge”

Jake Bugg says that feud with Noel Gallagher is “water under the bridge”

Jake Bugg spoke about his past feud with Noel Gallagher saying that it is now “water under the bridge”.

In 2016 Noel Gallagher said he was “heart broken” to discover that the young artist had worked with other people to write his songs.

At the time the former Oasis chief said:

“I remember when Jake came on tour with me, it was great, and he was like ‘The Great White Hope’, to coin a phrase. He gave me his album backstage, middle of Europe. I was flicking through it, and was like, ‘Who’s this other fucking guy in the credits?’ I was heartbroken in a way, fucking heartbroken.”

His comments prompted Bugg to hit back and slate Gallagher’s 2015 album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ at the time.

“Noel’s last album is pretty crap though, innit?” Bugg responded.

“I’m not upset about it because it’s just Noel – he’ll slag off Ed Sheeran and then be at a party with him the next week. It’s just the way he is.”

Now, Bugg has said there is no longer any animosity between the pair.

Speaking in this week’s Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?!, he added:

“I knew that’s the kind of thing he does and it’s not just me that gets it.”

“I was more slightly annoyed because we’d just come off the back of doing a big tour with him, but it doesn’t bother me. That’s his thing, isn’t it? We’ve exchanged a few messages since and it’s water under the bridge. And it’s just flattering to be mentioned by him!”

Source: NME

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