Jamie Lawson wants to pen songs for Liam Gallagher

Jamie Lawson wants to pen songs for Liam Gallagher

Jamie Lawson would love to write songs for Liam Gallagher if he’d have him on board. 

Ed Sheeran’s protege Jamie Lawson would love to write songs for Liam Gallagher.

The 42-year-old singer/songwriter- who was the first person signed to the ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker’s label Gingerbread Man Records – co-wrote his song ‘A Little Mercy’ with Simon Aldred, who helped pen the former Oasis frontman’s solo song ‘For What It’s Worth’ for his debut solo LP ‘As You Were’.

Jamie doesn’t know how keen the ‘Greedy Soul’ singer would be to have him on board in his writing army, but he’d jump at the chance to work with the 45-year-old rocker, who he praised for his ”unmistakeable voice”.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jamie said: ”I am a big fan of Simon’s band Cherry Ghost.

”It was a real nice thrill for me to write with Simon.”

Asked if he’d like to help Liam out in the future, Jamie said: ”I would love to. But I don’t know interested he’d be in the ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ singer writing for him.

”I might be a bit too soft.

”But I would give it a go for sure, I would be very interested in doing that.

”I think he has a very unmistakable voice so to write a song with that in mind would be pretty cool.”

Liam is set to hit the studio in April with producer Greg Kurstin, so there is plenty of opportunity for Jamie to offer his services.

The ‘Songbird’ songwriter admits he’s had ”loads of offers” to help him write tracks for his second album, but he wants to make sure he’s ”careful” about the songs he sings, as he is determined not to waver from his ”classic guitar music” sound.

He said recently: ”I’ve had loads of offers. There’s people I went in with and it just didn’t work. As much as it opens up a new world [of songwriting] you’ve got to be really careful. I’m a rock and roll singer. I can sing rock and roll ballads as well, but I don’t want to be cheesy songs with drum machines. You’ve got to still sound your ground. It has to be classic guitar music. Once I get on it I’ll rough it up a bit.”

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