Johnny Marr: “I’d work with Noel, sure”

Johnny Marr: “I’d work with Noel, sure”

While in Buenos Aires for his tour, Johnny Marr gave an exclusive interview to Kulbritania. He talked about Manchester City and his future projects.

The former Smiths is fellow citizen and close friend to Noel Gallagher, who said about one month ago he would write a song with Marr.


When he was asked “You are friend wit Noel Gallagher, he recently said in an interview that if he even had the slightest, one percent thought that you would join his band and play guitar, he would fucking get on his knees and beg you to do it. If you didn’t have your own solo thing going on, would you ever consider that?”
After laughing, Marr answered “Yeah, I’d work with Noel, sure. Because he’s still ambitious. I think he’s ambitious to make really good records and that’s what it’s about and also we can relate to each other so yeah…I could see that. The only problem is that we both like to be in control but write a song with Noel, yes, sure. But …what me and Noel need in our lives is to be in a band with each other where we can fight everyday because the two of us have not had enough of that in our lives”.

Source: Kulbritania