Johnny Marr on working with Noel Gallagher

Johnny Marr on working with Noel Gallagher

Thirty years after the dissolution of the Smiths, Marr went from acts like the Cribs and Modest Mouse to session work. From scoring films like “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and a collaboration with Hans Zimmer for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception,” Marr finds success in keeping his playing diverse and frequent.

Ahead of his Oct. 20 Town Ballroom show, The Spectrum spoke with the legendary guitarist to discuss his body of work, influences and his future.

You also played on Noel Gallagher’s “Who Built the Moon” this past November. Do you adapt your playing to a specific song, album or artist, or do you strive to do the opposite?

“Noel was quite surprised because I’ve played on a few of his records now and he was expecting to send me the track. I’ve done so many sessions now that I’ve learned that I’m better when I react to the track straight away. He was surprised when I told him not to send me the track. I didn’t want to hear it before I played. It’s a bit like walking on the wire, you’re asking to screw up. My first impression is usually the right way to go… I always try to do what’s appropriate to the record. But over the years I’ve learned people want me to sound like me. I try to react to the record within my sound. I’m comfortable now with the reality that people get me in there for a reason. I try to live up to that ad bring it whilst not showboating. That’s something that comes with maturity and confidence and being okay with who you are. I have to thank people like Pet Shop Boys for giving me the opportunity to play on so many of their songs and explore different kinds of pop music. I’m at that place in my career now where I’m not too shy about it. You should know it’s me playing.”


Source: Ubs Spectrum