Lennon Gallagher wears Blur t-shirt for new magazine shoot

Liam Gallagher‘s son Lennon has waded into the reignition of the ‘Britpop wars’ by wearing a Blur t-shirt for a magazine photo shoot. 

Last week saw Gallagher hit out at his former Britpop rival Damon Albarn, following his Gorillaz collaboration with brother Noel.

“Now that dick out of Blur and the creepy one out of Oasis need to hang their heads in shame as it’s no ‘Dancing In The Streets’ – as you were,” he Tweeted. “That gobshite out of Blur might have turned Noel Gallagher into a massive girl but believe you me, next time I see him there’s gonna be war.”

Now, his son and model Lennon has played an unexpected hand – wearing a Blur t-shirt for the cover of the summer issue of Buffalo Zine.

This comes after Noel’s daughter Anais revealed that she’d sing Blur’s classic ‘Parklife’ at karaoke ‘just for the irony’.