Lewis Capaldi pictured kissing Noel Gallagher’s daughter

Lewis Capaldi pictured kissing Noel Gallagher’s daughter

Just when we though it had all died down, Lewis Capaldi has gone and kicked off his famous Noel Gallagher feud again.

Having already befriended his 19-year-old daughter Anais back in July, the Scottish singer was seen in one of her photos, planting a big kiss on her cheek no less.

Don’t think Noel will be too thrilled with that one.

The 22-year-old, who is part way through his US tour, met Noel’s daughter at Mad Cool festival in Madrid in July, just as his dispute with the Oasis singer was at its height.

It all kicked off when Noel was asked about modern music in an interview, asking who Lewis Capaldi is, later saying that he should ‘enjoy his 15 minutes’ as well as calling him ‘f***ing Chewbacca’.

In an interview with Radio X, he took a swipe at Capaldi saying: “Music is fucking wank at the moment. Who’s this Capaldi fella? Who the fuck’s that idiot?”

But if you reckon Capaldi is feeling put out by Gallagher’s words then you’re wrong – because the Scottish singer shared the clip to his Instagram stories and responded with a jubilant, ‘fucking c’mon!’

In a second story, he can be seen leaning beside his screen and as Gallagher asks, ‘who’s this Capaldi fella?’ he points at himself saying ‘me’.

“Fucking peaked,” he adds. “Being slagged off by Noel Gallagher. Fucking c’mon!”

“It’s Father’s Day, I’m being slagged off by a man who is old enough to be my Da and I’ve never been more happy. I’ve never been more happy. Happy Father’s Day, Noel.”

In another clip he can be seen singing along to Oasis track Stop Crying Your Heart Out.

In a later interview with Variety, Gallagher said: “F***ing Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes.

“The greatest day of his life that I slagged him off or called him an idiot. It’s the greatest day of his f***ing life so far.

“He’s just thinking, ‘Wow!’ Well, I know you’re Scottish and all that, but f***ing hell! It is like a third world country, but for f***’s sake, man, you must have had a better day than this. Surely!”

The interviewer then asked about Noel’s daughter Anaïs’ comments in support of Capaldi. The 19-year-old model said that she wanted to be Lewis Capaldi when she grows up.

Noel responded: “When she grows up? Well, she better be better looking than that c***!

“Let’s hope she doesn’t have his looks. Or his girth. I’m not going to allow that. She’s gonna have a bad day soon if she wants to be Lewis Capaldi when she grows up.”

We can’t wait to see what Noel makes of this last development.