Liam Gallagher: “80% of the new album is peculiar”

Liam Gallagher: “80% of the new album is peculiar”

Liam Gallagher has just released his new single ‘Everything’s Electric’, and speaking with RadioX he gave more info about his forthcoming record C’Mon You Know, defining it peculiar.

As we already know, Dave Grohl is co-writer of the new single and he also play drums on it:

“It kicks the doors open to what’s next.”

And Speaking with Chrys Moyles he revealed something new about C’Mon You Know:

“Some of it’s odd, man. 80% of the record is a bit peculiar. But still good. And 20% of it is kind of classic, like Everything’s Electric.”

And he wanted to assure his fans about his new record:

“I still sound normal, and mega and all that, but if you’re gonna do something a bit different, do it in these times because if people don’t like it, blame it on COVID. And then we’ll go back to the normal stuff.”

Always about ‘Everything’s Electric’, the Mancunian singer revealed that the song was the final track to be completed for C’Mon You Know.

“We’d finished the album, and I’m off to the pub now, cos I’d been working really hard. Then I get a phone call going: Don’t go to the pub just yet, they’ve got a song for you, so I’m like for fuuuu… go on, then.”

“So I hear it and go, yeah man, it’s cool, that will fit on the album. I hold off the alcohol intake until the next day, then we go back into the studio the next day and record it. Dave was in LA with Greg and that and I was in sunny London.”

“Did it make any difference recording like that? Not one bit. People might think that’s weird, but I think it’s weird being in the studio with Dave Grohl there and Greg Kurstin there and us all going for it. So it was me just doing my thing and them doing their thing and us meeting in the middle and going, that sounds mega and moving on…”

“Some people can scratch their heads about music and be connoisseurs and all that. If it’s good, it’s good.”

He added:

“I’m pretty good in the studio. If I keep my head together, that’s when I become professional. I sort of know what I’m doing. If you can believe that. I’m pretty on it.”

Source: RadioX