Liam Gallagher about getting drunk during lockdown, wedding postponement and MTV Unplugged

Liam Gallagher about getting drunk during lockdown, wedding postponement and MTV Unplugged

LG went on Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 ahead of the release of his MTV Unplugged album which will be out tomorrow.

Liam Gallagher

During the interview he amusingly described what he’s been doing and not been doing throughout lockdown: “I’ve been getting accidentally drunk quite a bit. Other than that I haven’t done much. I’ve dabbled with a bit of DIY and then I didn’t do it. I was gonna stain a table but I put it off. My motto is if you want something doing, get someone else to do it. The hair’s growing, I’m growing it longer but not super long like a hippy. But the beard’s back in the dressing up box.”

He and Debbie Gwyther were supposed to be getting married in Italy this summer. However, they’ve had to postpone the wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He explained: “Nah that’s been put back now til’ next year, cos I think we had to wear masks and stuff and I’m not getting married with a mask on.”

He then went on to talk about the MTV Unplugged album and why he chose to record it in Hull: “I remember our kid slagging off Hull off and that. He was going ‘Oh no it’s not a very nice place’ so I sort of jumped on the bandwagon and went ‘No I love Hull, I’ll do a gig there!’ And we ended up doing a gig there just to make him look bad. You know how it is. Saying that, the building was beautiful and the people of Hull were lovely and it turned out pretty nice man, turned out alright.”

He added that Bonehead was part of the show as well as orchestra which made it extra special: “Yeah he came on to help us out, it was good man, it was nice to do it with the orchestra as well, we had a big orchestra there and it was nice just to strip the tunes back, I loved it.” Tomorrow Liam and Bonehead will be doing Tim Burgess’s Twitter Listening Party for the MTV Unplugged album. Bonehead has been doing ones during lockdown for the Oasis albums he played on. Liam said he hadn’t been sober enough to take part: “Bonehead’s done all of the Oasis ones, I’ve been again accidentally drunk. They do them too late for me. I’m normally crying in bed at that time.”