Liam Gallagher about playing in the charity match: “I was a little nervous in front of 45,000 crazy Italians”

Liam Gallagher played in a charity match in Italy to raise funds to support cancer research on June 2nd. The Secret Gallagher interviewed him for ‘The Secret Footballer’ and this is what he said about the experience.

Which players impressed you most during the game?
Obviously, Alessandro Del Piero and Pavel Nedved.

What was said in the half-time team talk?
I’m not sure what was said at half time as I was on the piss around that time as I was substituted 20 minutes into the game much to my delight as I was fucked – haha.


Did you train (much) ahead of this game?
I do run most days but I haven’t had a proper kickabout since 1999.

What was it like to play in such a magnificent stadium?
Well, I’ve played a few in my time with the mighty Oasis but never football. I must say I was a little nervous in front of 45,000 crazy Italians.
However, it was an honour to be asked to play, as it was such a great cause and Juventus stadium is nearly as good as MCFC’s.
Ciao. LG x
Source: The Secret Footballer